I did five move in certified inspections last week. Here is how I get them.

These are easy as hell to sell. I advertised this program at the North Metro Board of Realtors meeting and walked out with two that day. The other day I did one for the seller, then get the house he was buyiing, then I got his neighbors house. The realtors love the yard signs. I have my own with my phone number on it, that’s how I got the neighbors. I give away free reports to every potential buyer. I did 70 inspections last month, and that was a slow month. If you have any questions call me (303) 920-7276.

Signs work


http://C:\Users\Valerie Green\Desktop\moveincertified.jpg


That’s GREAT!!! Did you get your signs through NACHI or another sign maker? How did you market it to them? If you don’t mind me asking?


Although I think Jim had his own signs made with his phone number. Call him and ask him how he sells so many jobs. He gave his cell phone # in post 1.

I think the signs on the lawn would be a huge boost for business. How could a real estate agent NOT love to walk past those signs with potential buyers?

Plus, potential sellers in that area might feel the need to have MIC signs just to be competitive with the neighboring homes.

This is a great program with tremendous upside I think.:wink:

So Kevin, you’ve been a member for 6 yrs. and the only post you have made is to promote MIC? :nosy:

70 full comprehensive home inspections?

-( 70 inspections and no website…humm…

I believe this is his site http://www.prosightinspections.com/1stChoice/

Simply amazing. Poor guy must be working 7 days a week to do that many.:p:p

So Christopher, you’ve been a member for barely 2 years and over 3000 posts, you must not be doing many inspections.

He has 2 inspectors that work for him.

It’s called multi-tasking. Are you Kevin’s speaker?

After only one post, he is questioned with suspicion! :roll: Could be the reason for not posting more. Smart guy, if I do say so myself. :cool:

Ya think!

It may be because even though he has been a member 1 year longer than you, he has 2,998 less post and has two inspectors working for him! How many did you say worked for you Dapkus? :mrgreen:

Being in a state that is not ASHI dominated helps. But I am sure he is a smart guy.

I’ve actually only been a member for about two weeks. I haven’t even done an inspection for money yet. I looked at my profile after your post and it does say that I’ve been a member since 2003. That is obviously just some sort of clerical error.

No worries though, I am looking forward to a long career in HI and I still think the signs are a fantastic idea.

I did a Prelisting inspection in 2007, I bet if I got the signs I might do another one.