FREE Microwave oven leak detectors. Order yours now.

Post is from 2006!!

Thank You

Merry Christmas from
Mark Newbury
Home Inspection Professionals LLC
Beloit Wisconsin

Yes, Please - Happy Holidays!!! :):):slight_smile:

Yes please

Merry Christmas and thank you

Chris Hill, CPI
White Lightning Home Inspections, LLC

I’m in

They’re CRAZED!

Yes please, I like very much :slight_smile:

Gary Rowden
Hemet, CA

Offer is probably expired by now. Eh?

Kinda makes you worry…

Didn’t observe any expiration date :wink:
“A close mouth doesn’t get feed”

Not reading what is in front of you probably won’t get you fed either.

If you were to follow the link and read, you would find this

There’s one out there with your name on it if you ask for it the right way. Give it a whirl - I bet it works!

I agree, and these testers are pretty cool.