Order your free NACHI Tribble (microwave oven tester).


My Wife makes these but bigger for friends and family for night time foot warmers. In my wife’s version, that is larger, you microwave it for up to three minutes and it stays warm for hours.

They work!

very nice

The trouble with Tribbles. Don’t take me too seriously, but the trouble with blessing a microwave with a Tribble is that it is not sophisticated enough to tell you if the micro waves are “contained,” and if they are not they can prove to be dangerous to persons with pace-makers, etc. Here’s a narrative that i use most of the time to disclaim them: “We do not evaluate microwaves, because the power of their magnetron tubes deminishes over time, and the specific measurements of the mocrowaves and theoir containment within the unit requires the use of specialized equipment, the use of which is beyond our service.”

Keith…not to be nitpicky…but did you cut/paste that from your report software?

If you did not then disregard…but if you did:

There are some misspellings…not crucial on the message board, but I’m trying to be helpful if you pulled that directly from IV…

Tony, it came from my personal program. I’m continually adding the PVS library as I learn about more and more threats to our livlihoods. So, depending on when you purchased the program, this narrative may or may not be there. Regardless, I’m eager to share with every NACHI inspector, whether they own PVS or not.

PS Yea, I noticed the spelling errors, but let them go. Thanks.

I don’t have IV…just trying to help…sorry for being the spelling police (insert sheepish grin here)

A man after my own heart, and I thank you.

I’ve had many ask why we call them Tribbles. I put a hint at the bottom of http://www.nachi.org/tribbles.htm

Just got mine and tested it. Guess what? My microwave don’t work. :mrgreen:

Am working on a version that will give off that tribble squeal when you nuke it.

Need to have the NACHI logo on it. Will work on that as well.

Thanks, Nick.

Keith, What is your Masters Degree in?

Thanks Nick, got my tribble today and it preformed as stated. :smiley:
Remember April 21,22,and 23 in Ohio :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering if these
are still available ?

If so, I would like to get one or 4 .:smiley:


Yes, available. Email fastreply@nachi.org with your request. We ship thousands of them to REALTORs who request info about NACHI.

Thank you Nick! :smiley: