Free Mold Solutions Kit from PRO-LAB shipped right to your door.

Kit includes:

  • One Mold Swab
  • One PRO-LAB® Pre-Paid lab credit
  • One PRO-LAB® T-Shirt
  • One PRO-LAB® Iron-On Patch
  • One PRO-LAB® Chain of Custody
  • Pre-Paid Envelope

No thanks.

Too expensive for the product offered…


Seems like Pro-Lab is scrambling.

What are their prices for members

Tried over 20 times man and every time I hit submit, it says: Captcha failed. Dude, I have refreshed over 15 times. Later.

I called to see what’s going on man. George from Pro Lab is supposed to be returning my call man. With all this rain here in North Raleigh today, I’ve been out of work. Bummer Dudes.

Thanks to: Todd Marine from Pro Lab for taking the time to work with me. Thanks I appreciate it.

I publicly apologize for talking certain slang like: Man, Dudes, Later, Peace Bro, Bummer and others. My wife brought it to my attention and I have to say that I didn’t even realize it. I’m out working with some pretty cool dudes here in North Carolina and we talk like this with each other. No hard feelings was meant to be made. If I slip up again, no harm meant. Anyway, I’m going to keep “Rocking in the free world” because brother’s, that’s just who I am.-NEIL YOUNG

Good question Scott. What are the prices for InterNACHI members?

I was wondering if North Carolina passed a recent marijuana law that I was not familiar with:mrgreen:

Dave, not quite sure exactly why everyone thinks that I burn weed between both Virginia and North Carolina.

I just talk like everyone else, wherever I am. I tried speaking black but I kept hearing: Yo Bro, this white cracker thinks he’s black. But then they call me Homie. Must be slang for home inspector around these parts.

I try speaking Spanish by repeating the Mexicans and I know they understand me. They just keep reminding me to get glasses, because they all say: See / See.

There are so many different people down here from so many different cultures. I can tell you that they get pretty mad when they pull up beside of me playing rap or Mexican music and I crank up my Rock -n- Roll or Country songs and leave them all in a pile of smoke as I am stuck with my redneck roots. They all seem to say the same thing in different languages:

That big white mother … is crazy. I know this area almost as good as I do my home state of Virginia.

My ex sister in law lives there now, says she loves it there…maybe it’s because she’s farther away from me now…nah.

Please note that as I’m waiting to get licensed down here in North Carolina, as a Home Inspector, I have to make a living. No man, I Don’t smoke weed. I have to work all over the state of North Carolina keeping contractors safe like the other night at North Carolina State University (Home of the Wolf pack). Man, if I wasn’t married. I had hundreds of young college girls coming by and making me feel young.

I work every chance that I get to earn that dollar. I’m on my feet all of the time and I’m staying alert to save a lot of lives. I just work well with Electrical contractors, here in North Carolina.

With all due respect Dave, if she goes to NCSU- she might have a reason to love it here. Made me want to get an education right away.


So, received my kit today. I saw the list of what was included but no directions…?? Well, at least one’s that I can read. It looks like there are some words on the plastic protection of the swab but come on folks. I’m getting old and there is NO way that I can read that fine print - in green… Went to their web site but could not find any directions on their site either. And why can’t they post the cost on their site? I don’t want to call and have to listen to the 30 minute sales pitch. Anybody have one of those watch magnifying glasses that they can read those directions and post them here for me? Man, hate getting old… :frowning:

Thanks Ken

“hey hey, my my…rock and roll will never die”…

If you don’t like the way I’m living, ya jus’ leave this long haired country boy alone…

“Cause a country boy can survive…”

Hillbillies rock, dude! :|.)

So I’ve used Pro Lab and EMSL for about 10 years now. About the same pricing. $25 for air sample and lab analysis. I don’t do too many air sampling though.