I did it folks! I got us the absolute best deal on mold testing. Insane lab pricing.


Just so I have it clear. When they say “same day analysis”, it means the same day they receive the sample, correct? So it’s $20 for the cassette and testing, plus whatever shipping speed you choose ($13-$61), correct? For a total of $33-$81. Do I have that right?


Correct. So if you order 12 (we ship you a baker’s dozen), and choose $13 shipping… the shipping is only $1/each.

This actually saves many of our members thousands of dollars, year after year.

Frank, the shipping speed listed on our website is for how fast you want the cassettes shipped to you to use, not the shipping speed back to the lab once you’ve used them for testing. Does that make sense?

And if you order 12, we ship you 13. That means you are only paying $18.47 for the cassette, lab analysis, and report. INSANE!

No, you have that wrong.

Shipping is only $13 for as many as you want. So let’s say you order 3 dozen. That’s 36 cassettes. We ship you 3 baker’s dozen. So we ship you 39 cassettes for $13. $13/39= 34 cents/cassette shipping. Shipping is only 34 CENTS!

How much does that cost for overnight shipping?

From you back to the laboratory? I don’t know. It varies depending on what part of the country you are in, it varies depending on what carrier you use, it varies depending on how many you are sending to the laboratory for analysis, it varies depending on whether you want morning or afternoon delivery, etc.

Now we just need this to work in New York and that would be sweet.

In every state that licenses or approves mold laboratories… we have that lab license or approval. Every state, including New York.

Also, this is available in both the U.S. and Canada. PRO-LAB has a laboratory in both countries.

I thought inspectorlab also offered 20.00 same day lab results???
I guess the bakers dozen puts you over the top right?

That and once you do enough (we’re working on the exact amount) through this offer and links, membership in InterNACHI will be free. And InterNACHI membership comes with a few perks: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I get it. I was thinking that was the shipping back to the lab. Since I would just need to calculate my FedEx cost.

Looks like a really good deal. Where is the lab located?

Right now a pack of 10 air o cells at EMSL is $55.00, lab testing is about $30/per.
Shipping is cheap for me as the lab is only 20 miles away. About $1 shipping.
Comes out to about $40 bucks for cassette, testing and shipping.

The ProLab option is intriguing cost wise, but if it’s shipping all the way to Florida standard delivery the overall cost per cassette will be about 24/25. That would take about 3 days to get results, more or less.

If overnight shipping is required then it’s not worth it as the cost is too high.

Ditto that. My EMSL lab is just over an hour away. If time is of the essence, I deliver them myself. If not, Overnight USPS costs $18 with a padded Flat Rate envelope (holds 6-8 cassettes) and using USPS online service.

That’s the situation I’m in also.

One in Florida and one in Ontario.

That’s $35.50 at EMSL.

With the InterNACHI/PRO-LAB deal you are only paying $20. And if you order 12, we ship you 13. That means you are only paying $18.47 for the cassette, lab analysis, and report.

The InterNACHI/PRO-LAB deal cut your costs in half.