NHIE test prep help

I am taking the NHIE next month and would like to know if anyone had study guides or practice test recommendations.

Thank you


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Hope this helps. I will be willing to go over it with you after you complete it to discuss why you got something wrong.


Thank you for the quiz. It doesn’t seem to load for me though.

Take these until you score in the 90s consistently and you’ll do fine, Bradly:

InterNACHI practice exam: https://www.nachi.org/qa.htm


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Thank you.

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I have a bit of an issue with it. It only works on a desktop.

I am currently on my desktop and can’t seem to get it working.

I will try to diagnose tomorrow. I used google chrome.

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I have brand-new paper copies of the national home inspector examination study guide and home inspection manual, if you would like to buy them from me, 20 bucks plus shipping. 619-518-1889.

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Good deal!..

It is fixed now. Please give it a shot and let me know if you need any explanations.

Best wishes and I hope this helps.

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I just got finished taking this test and no amount of cards, sample tests, or studying will help with the test that I was given. This could only be passed by people with experience in the field or for those that have been in classes. Otherwise go in there with the expectation that you WILL fail as there are so many tests. Hope you dont get the difficult test as you will not pass. I’m hoping that next time I get an easier version of the test.

Do you mind me asking for a little clarification on what the test had?

I took mine earlier this month and it was loaded with questions surrounding the inspection agreement and what it all means. Additionally it had a lot of whole house fan, heat recovery ventilator systems, swamp cooler, and geothermal systems. The rest was what I would have expected on the test. I memorized code check, and made hundreds of flash cards of questions from quizzes, tests and NHIE manual. Luckily I passed on the first go, but I was not ready for so many of the topics mentioned above. Good luck!

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a lot more ON HAND or TECHNICAL situations rather than a textbook answer.

would you still happen to have the NHIE manual and if so how much would you want for it or rent it? let me know and thanks.

I’m interested if still available. Paypal?

I really want to keep it. But I found it on ebay for about $40 dollars and worth every penny!

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Sorry, they’re gone