Free pizza

’There’s a bond there’: Canadian air traffic controllers buy pizza forunpaid U.S. colleagues hit by shutdown
MONTREAL — Canadian air traffic controllers have bought hundreds ofpizzas for their American counterparts over the past few days in what hasbecome an industry-wide show of support during the U.S. government’s partialshutdown.
Peter Duffey, the head of the Canadian Air Traffic ControlAssociation, said the initiative began Thursday when employees at Edmonton’scontrol centre took up a collection to buy pies for controllers in Anchorage,Alaska.
Other facilities across Canada decided to join in, and the ideasnowballed.
“The next thing we knew, our members were buying pizzas left, rightand centre for the colleagues in the U.S,” Duffey said Sunday in a phoneinterview.
“As it stands right now, I believe we’re up to 36 facilities thathave received pizza from Canada, and that number is growing by the hour.”Duffey estimates that as of Sunday afternoon, some 300 pizzas had been receivedby American controllers, many of whom took to social media to express theirgratitude

Nice gesture for people who are not paid (no comment…) and still working! I admire them as I do the Canadians “helping” them!!


They will all be paid. Most of the Gov. workers are on a paid vacation.

And this is National Pizza Week.