Thank You Jeffrey Jonas!

Last month is was Stephen Stanczyk who supplied the goods. Now, this is how you keep a programmer working hard!! I’d like to thank Jeffrey Jonas from Critical Eye Property Inspection for the fuel!

What a great Christmas present!

You are very welcome Dom. Thank you for all you have done for me, my biz, and everyone else who comes in contact with you. You are the ‘awesom-est’!!! :wink:



Better eat them while they are fresh Dom. :slight_smile:

I hope they are not from the dollar store. LOL.

Very nice Jeffery.

I’m working on it! For some odd reason the more I eat, the hungrier I get, hmmmmmm.

They decriminalized pot in Washington and Colorado too!!!:mrgreen:

I know but I’m in California! Maybe I should send some of these to my employees in Washington, lol.

Holy crap!

“Live” online support will be online 24/7 now!!! :wink:

LOL, yup we’ll have to upgrade from 20/7 to 24/7. Though I will have to take bathroom breaks from all this food. Lets make it 23/7.

A FULL hour to do your business?? :shock: :mrgreen:

10 pounds of cookies, 10 pounds of poo. :wink:

It’s the only time I have to read the news, shesh!