Pools/Spa inspections

Can any tell me if you need a pool contractor license to inspect a pool/spa? I have taken the course and passed it, but my attorney has advised me to find out what licenses I need to do specialty inspections, like pools, spas, hot tubs, septic tanks, stucco, etc. I hold a General Contractor, roofing and irrigation license in Florida. Is that sufficient for the inspections mentioned above? Thanks in advance for the responses!!!
Tim Losco
First Source Home Inspections, Inc.

You do not need a pool license to inspect a pool.

I find it really scary that licensed home inspectors do not know what they can and cannot inspect. And if you are going to inspect the pool, what standards are you going to follow. The state does not have any standard. NACHI does not have any standards. What are you going to cite when you get pulled into court when the pool leaks and the repair is $2000.00+.

Thank you John for the information. That is what I thought, but as always want to make sure I follow the law. Luckly for us, we own a pool and know about them!!! Also, know plenty of contractors if we ever need one. Again thank you for your time and response.

Tim Losco
First Source Home Inspections, Inc.

That is a course, not a standard of practice

Correct, and it includes this: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-pools-and-spas-inspection-checklist.aspx , which, with the course, is about all you need.

I agree with Bill Siegel. If you have to ask, you have no business doing it.


I would like to see you explain that to the judge and jury when you get sued.

Explain what?

You won’t find a course that has been awarded more governmental approvals than InterNACHI’s. See right column of www.nachi.org/education.htm

That statement means absolutely nothing. Anyone can have a CEU course, but if there is not standard of practice for that particular item then where are the reporting guidelines. A course does not equal a standard of practice

The reporting guidelines are in the course and here: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-pools-and-spas-inspection-checklist.aspx