Free Software From FLIR

If you have not got your hands on the newer free software from FLIR, it has some neat enhancements you may find interesting. See video on website and download this free software. Works on MAC or PC.

I know some of you still have the old version and you might like to play around with this newer version.

Key Features of FLIR Tools Software

  • Import, search, filter, and view FLIR JPEG images directly from your FLIR handheld camera via USB cable or by downloading from the imager’s SD card
  • Edit radiometric images to thermal tune level and span, change the palette, or adjust parameters such as emissivity, reflective temperature, and more
  • Add measurement tools – spots, area boxes, circles, lines, Delta T
  • Add text annotations and edit image descriptions
  • Create professional PDF image sheets and reports
  • Add headers, footers, and logos
  • Create, import, edit and export text annotation templates (FLIR Tools for PC only)
  • Create custom PDF report templates (FLIR Tools for Mac OS only)
  • Choose a report format: horizontal IR + DC, vertical IR + DC, horizontal IR + IR
  • Edit MSX images and “Sketch on IR/Visual” images
  • Display stored compass and GPS information
  • Perform updates on E-Series and T-Series cameras (FLIR Tools for PC only)
  • Stream live video from compatible cameras via USB or Ethernet (FLIR Tools for PC only)
  • Import and playback stored MP4 video imported from the camera (FLIR Tools for Mac OS only)
  • Switch between IR, DC, Thermal Fusion, PiP, and MSX modes
  • Re-open saved PDFs for further editing and revisions (FLIR Tools for Mac OS only)
  • Export reports to print or email for easy sharing
  • Manual IR/Visual image grouping and ungrouping (FLIR Tools for PC only)
  • Import, play and analyze radiometric CSQ and SEQ movies (FLIR Tools for PC only)
  • Create temporal plots from radiometric CSQ and SEQ movies (FLIR Tools for PC only)

John, your thermogram makes you look yen years younger and well tanned.

Can it be used with other Infrared Thermal imaging Cameras?

It only works with FLIR cameras.


Downloading now. I am currently using version 5.4. Do you know exactly what this one has over 5.4?

This is 5.6 … not sure what the difference is from 5.4