did anyone stay with flir quick report

It has it’s uses…

Dave what are you useing

actually I stated the question wrong what are people using for picture management


Like David said, it has its uses, but it’s not the greatest IR software. I purchased Dual View and I’m happy with it. Alternatively, HIP and HG can be used for IR reports.

Dual View IR Software

Along with those mentioned, a mostly use MS Word templates I made because the circumstances fall in line with this…

I still use it, I trialed Dual view. loved how it imported the pics and the ir scans next to each other.

Matt, you can use the IR feature in HIP to get the scans next to each other as well. I’ll show you in person next month :wink:

Im counting on it, Im bringing my tablet with me.

Here’s a short example Bill Warner did. He’s got some better ones if you ask him: Infrared Commercial Inspection Report

I still have not phrased it right what I’m looking for is a place to download pictures from the camera to, I don’t like the windows thing, I plan on writing in HIP like all inspections, just currently I don’t have a good place for initial picture management and besides looks like quick report does not support my camera waiting for Flir to call back.


If you want to keep the photos in their original size long term just create a folder on your computer called Inspection Images and copy all the pictures directly into the folder. Make sub folders for each job you do, name them with the address and client name.

If you just want to get the report done you can import directly into Home Inspector Pro from the camera card and it will store all images, even the ones you aren’t using in the report.

GOOD Grief, DOM that’s what I want to do so I can go right to HIP thanks DOM once again pulled from the fire ]

No problem :wink: