Sneak peek at the new InterNACHI website design

Hey everyone,

We’re in the process of redesigning NACHI.ORG, and we wanted to let y’all take a look at the most recent beta version.

The new site matches the existing site for the most part, but features a bunch of minor tweaks that will make the site easier to use and more pleasant to read. The redesign is the first step in a few site upgrades with have lined up.

Take a look, and let us know if you run into any issues:


Its great .
However, you need to put like items in separate category links instead of grouping all in one big list of subjects. As it is now you have to read everything to find the subject you are looking for . Its really hard to navigate the site in this respect.


I completely agree Roy. Part of this project is making the site much easier to navigate. Right now we’re just talking about the “skin” — so the content of that page is the same regardless of which design you’re using. Once the new skin goes live, we’ll be updating the content of key pages to make them easier to get around.

The first big change in terms of navigation is the new search box at the top of every page. It’s super fast, and much more accurate than the old search. And it’ll improve over time as people use it.

Very nice!! I like.

Looks much cleaner. I would agree that at some point all the “free” stuff needs to be categorized with some search tool.

Like the softer colors

That would be great ! The new skin is easier to look at .

Good Job

I’ve been meaning to say this for a while but I didn’t want to offend anyone. Can you change the design of the three cartoon characters for the find an inspector or better yet, can you just get rid of them?

It makes the whole site look “cartoonish”. There is a lot of great benefits for the members of the association, but the website of the association should really convey the image of “professionalism”. There are so many other things to choose from other than cartoons. The InterNachi logos for example are high quality why not just use that?

I guess i started thinking about this when I saw this article and wondered why InterNACHI isn’t mentioned.


You mean you find a way to get rid of the trolls? :twisted::mrgreen:

Looks “cartoonish” to me.

Chris I agree about the cartoons and am wondering about the font selection.
Would prefer an Arial or Roman times.

Tall and skinny is hard to read.
I am referring to the header menu in the blue strip at top in particular.

I suspect the 3 guys icon for is here to stay. We’ve A/B tested it against others and it pulls the most inspector searches with consumers:

I know that our members hate that illustration of the three guys, but you have to remember that they’re not targeted at inspectors–they’re targeted at potential clients. Like Nick said, we’ve tested them a number of times, and they’ve always been more effective at getting our members leads than anything else we’ve tried.

I think the 3 guys look childish, very unprofessional.

I have to agree with Bob on the fonts. It’s a bit hard to read.

Have you tried real people?

I bet that would look much better, the carton type folks look like cheap clip art.

This is one issue where I can honestly say that… I don’t care what they look like. Consumer like to click on those three guys.

I’d swap them out for an image of Linda Blair in The Exorcist if she would outperform


If they don’t have a choice, of course they will click them, probably also wondering, good lord, what the hell is with the crappy clip art…:stuck_out_tongue:

Consumers subconsciously know that web icons are clickable (can’t change that, it’s the convention adopted worldwide). Our web icon generates consumer clicks precisely because it looks like the quintessential web icon.

too much white

I agree with Dale , radom People would be better than a Clip Art