FREE websites to all NACHI members at the convention!

As part of NACHI’s Operation Shelf Space every NACHI member who attends the convention will be given a FREE home inspection website (a $400 value) and FREE hosting. See Chris Morrell, NACHI’s webmaster, and he will do your website right there at the convention.


Does that include FREE hosting???

Jay, it does include free hosting as well. I’ve made the correction to include that.


wow, awesome!!

Awesome, he!!-

Is this going to be a “canned” info site?
Do we need to bring info for him to type in?
Is this going to be something we can modify & update, ourselves?



I’m sure Chris will be one busy bee at this convention.

I’d like to see some samples.

These free websites are huge, dozens of pre-written content pages and links. Fast. Gorgeous. Fully editable so you can customize. Each search-engine optimized. The more websites you have the better (part of NACHI’s Operation Shelf Space).

These websites are not just free, the hosting is free, and the hosting is free FOREVER (for NACHI members).

Get yours free forever at

Just one question, Nick-
Howya gonna top all this at the '07 Convention?
(maybe I shouldn’t ask. . . )


For '07 we are building an actual house of horrors (a house full of defects)inside the convention hall where attendees can go through it.

Interesting! Can we bring our own domain names?

You can certainly forward any domain names to these free websites and use masking.

I should’ve known :roll: you’ve got it in the works, already!

We already signed the convention contract with Disney for '07 and we took more than twice as much space as '06. Orlando is just a great place to have a convention in the middle of winter.

So, Nick, is this thread the fulfillment of this old one?


Any idea on what the Disney discounts offer @ the covention? Family is flying in on the 11th:p


When I attended the Convention last year, NACHI did not offer the discounts directly. I received my discounts through the hotel concierge.

Hey Darren

Down on the lower floor of the Resort there is a Disney Store and a Disney planning station. Tickets are purchased at that location


I’m pleased to annouce that we have made the free websites and free hosting to ALL NACHI members… free… forever.


Logged in to check it out.

It is Not working…