“Freeze-Miser” freeze-proof valve?

Last February here in Texas there were many burst water lines from the winter storm.

I just stumbled upon someone suggesting one of these, supposedly some kind of low-temperature release valve. It will allow leakage when below a certain temp to prevent water in the pipes form freezing, then seal up again when it warms up.

Anyone in colder climates have any experience with these? (Edit: on second thought, maybe these are only appealing when it rarely falls below freezing and proper measures don’t exist?) Are they reliable?

I think there are better recommendations such as insulating exposed pipe and turning hose bibs off at the secondary valve (to include opening the hose bib after the secondary is off) before winter.


I would spend $6 or$7 bucks for this vs $30 for the unknown and follow Brian’s suggestion
Foam hose bib cover


Yea I guess it is a tiny bit gimmicky. People with low clearance, 75 year old crawlspaces around here in ATX might like them, though.


We use these, they work great as long as the homeowner disconnects the hose.


…and they are angled down to drain the spigot pipe so it won’t freeze.


Cool, never seen one of those.

Right, and they never seem to have a secondary valve.


These are now common on solar thermal systems, but not that model. I would not consider any such device reliable at below freezing air temperatures, as ice can build fast and block the drip drip.

Maybe this would be OK in an enclosed porch that’s outside… or other very limited very controlled conditions where you don’t mind complete failure every few years at random.


Just make sure it slopes to the outside. I had one that was slight pitched to the inside and thus water wouldn’t drain out completely when the valve was shut. Froze and leaked.