Friday Morning Fun

That’s cute.

That little game causes brain damage.

Very funny Chris. Nice find.

Does anyone else find it ironic that possibly the two biggest Techies on the MB find a game like Asteroids exciting? LOL!!!

Okay… I admit it. I used to love playing Asteroids at the arcade also. :smiley:

lol. Asteroids is great :slight_smile: I used to have an Arcade on the HIP site. I need to get it back up.

I guess you didn’t see my 2 page inspection software ad last year that used Pong!

Thats funny guys.

As if we weren’t spending enough time on the internet anyway.

Ooohhhh, Pong! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Well, at least no one has posted this in a while !!!

(Sorry Dom) :mrgreen:

I used to have asteroids, but I went to the doctor.

He shrunk them and now I feel great!