Fried Lizard anyone?

**Got a question for the sparkys out there. Today I did an inspection where the main disconnects are located in a panel located below the electric meter at the exterior. As I was about to reinstall the main disconnect panel cover, after inspecting the breaker connections and cabling, a lizard crawled across the back of the box interior and on to a live exposed conductor/breaker connection. An arc occurred and I had the crap scared out of me but was not shocked. My question is *“could the entire panel, box and all, have become electrified the moment the lizard touched the live conductor and the panel box”? *The lizard entered the box through an open knock-out but other than that there were no issues with the panel or box. Could I have been fried, because I see the carcasses all the time inside the boxes? **

Did it need salt or seasoning?

Brian, Alan is from Florida, not Louisiana. They only eat the really big ones in Florida.

It probably depends on gauge thickness of the tail

I would think since the panel should have been bonded and grounded the risk of you getting shocked would be lessened. You can weld with you body against a metal welding table and you dont get shocked,but stick the electode in your arm and thats different.

Why would you do that…not having a good day??