Poor Lizard

Looks like this little guy almost had his exit strategy together.

IMG_1127 (Small).JPG

He didn’t have anything left after ripping open the knock-out. :cool:

so much for a good quote on car insurance…

It is a common problem in Arizona to have lizards in the panel. Also, most homes here have the breakers outside. When a knockout is left open, lizards see a great home. But before long they cross the busses and it’s all over. The problem is when they fry right on the bus and they drip all down the bus. The enzymes in their innards tend to corrode the bus, and breaker to bus contact eventually fails. Many of the panels I have replaced due to failed bus surfaces have had fried lizards in them, sometimes they are still hanging from the stab. The bus will be fine above the carcass(?) but below it will be trashed.

This is a very good reason to insist all openings be filled.

Paul, you win!! Something like that is what I wanted to come up with.