From Those Zany Characters Who Brought You Mo House Bill 1189.....

…now this.

I couldn’t help but to respond to their request…but not in the way that they had hoped.:wink:

Only works with good water pressure!! And, when they go off, ever seen the “black” water that comes out first?? The cure could be worse than the cause.

Years ago, living in the Verdugo Hills of So. Calif. , and having endured our yearly brush fires, installed “sprinklers” on my roof to wet it down (hot ashes burned down many a houses, even thou the fire didn’t come that close). Fugured ther spriunklers (rain birds) would do a better job that usning a hose, (can’t hit all sides of a house with a hose)

The next fire, fire dept. jumped on me saying I was “robbing” water (and presure) they needed to fight the fires. Go figure!!!

Couple years later, same thing, and they demanded I turn off the water!! I refused to do so. They turned my water off at the street, but the sprinklers keep going. The look on their face was priceless. They wanted to know where I was getting" the water? I pointed to the back yard, I was pumping it from the pool.

In Missouri (at least where I live) the commercial codes require sprinkler systems. These are also required to be inspected (and I assume serviced) annually and at every real estate transaction. I would certainly hope that if the residential requirement passes, that inspections would be required to ensure they did operate properly when needed.