Missouri Inspector Licensing

Guys -

Its come to our attention that a Representative from a small town in southern Missouri is planning on introducing a licensure bill this session. If what we’ve heard is correct, we were told that his dad who was a builder died and a home inspector inspected his dads house for a potential buyer and found defects. This upset him and he started talking to Realtors about licensing HI’s. He’s a past sheriff from his area that ran for legislature last year.

AS you will remember, in 2002 when a poorly written and unneeded licensing bill for home inspectors was introduced in Missouri, a state home inspectors organization was formed called **MAREI **(Missouri Association of Real Estate Inspectors). MAREI successfully blocked this bill even though several special interest groups (Realtors, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, some out-of-state HI Trainers and a large home inspector association) tried to help push it through.

MAREI has been a silent watchdog since that time. They’ve been relatively inactive since 2002 because there was no political activity threatening the HI’s of Missouri. BUT with this latest threat hovering over us, MAREI has once more started actively working to protect our livlihoods. This week was the start of the Missouri Legislative session and **5 MAREI Members **from around the state (representing NAHI, ASHI & NACHI) met at Jefferson City for a meeting that included representatives from the Realtors, Mortgage Bankers, Title Companies, Appraisers, Home Builders, the State Bar Association, the State Legislature and the Lobbyist for the Missouri Realtors.

We unanimously told them that as long as contractors and home builders in Missouri are not licensed; as long as 71 of the 114 counties don’t have building codes or mandatory code inspections; etc. we really see no point in licensing HI’s. We also discussed the fact that when we recently polled the State BBB’s and the Attorney Generals Consumer Complaint Division there were only 43 registered complaints against HI’s in a 3 year time period. True every HI complaint does not make it to the BBB or the AG’s office, **BUT **other unlicensed groups like remodelers, contractors, roofers, etc had **SEVERAL HUNDREDS of complaints **against them AND even licensed and regulated groups like the Realtors and Property Managers also had **SEVERAL HUNDRED complaints **filed against them.

Taking the total real estate sales in the state, and estimating that 80% get home inspections, it appears that maybe 1/10th of 1% of all inspections result in a complaint **AND **over 60% of the complaints are because someone didn’t fully understand what we do and don’t do. In short there still is no demonstrated need for liscensing HI’s. **The Lobbyist for the MAR **(Missouri Association of Home Inspectors) told us that the Realtors would like to see us get licensed to “Reduce Their Liability”. He indicated that if we were licensed and anything ever went wrong in a RE transaction, the Realtor would be less likely to be sued and have less liability because they could say they gave out the name of someone the STATE deemed qualified (your license). What a great reason to get licensed.

In the next few days **MAREI **will be sending out Applications to Inspectors in Missouri and some surrounding states to get Inspectors to join their group. If MAREI is gonna help protect us again, and be a VOICE for ALL INSPECTOR Groups they’re going to need money. It takes time and money to help protect our livlihood - help them help you and join (I think Charter Membership will be $50).

Dan Bowers, CRI
(913) 649-8878

MAREI President - Mark Adams

MAREI Contact Info:

MAREI Secretary - David Moriconi
MAREI Phone # - (888) 848-4914
Mailing Address - - MAREI; 18921-G East Valley View Pkwy; #135 Independence, MO 64055
MAREI Fax: (720) 247-4882
MAREI Email: MAREI4U@yahoo.com

Where is Bushart, he should be all over this. Is he gone,retired, in Hiding, or embarrased from the I.D. , and web site fiasco?

Whether Jim Bushart is part of this or not is not the point.

In 2002 the Krieder Bill was introduced. A bill that was way out on the line. It was backed mainly by the other Organization that begins with “A”. This again is another attempt at bringing the Krieder Bill back again, with basically the same players involved.

The big chapter located in the eastern part of the state, one of the larger chapters in the west and a few of the smaller mid state chapters being involved. They have started a war chest with contributions coming from the chapter membership and possibly some from national (aka branding money). They are claiming that MAHI (Missouri Association of Home Inspectors) is the voice of all inspectors in the state. Not true, MAREI was formed in 2002 as a watchdog and voice of many inspectors in the state. MAREI is comprised of NACHI, NAHI, opposing ASHI and independent inspectors.

The letter that Dan Bowers wrote speaks volumes for the current state of affairs in MO. The lack of universal building codes and mandatory code inspections, the perceived view that the real estate agent will be protected from liability is conceived and if it follows along the line of the Krieder Bill will have a serious impact on all rural and small city inspectors.

Just due to the fact of non code compliance of the majority of the counties in the state the best that they should expect or require would be a simple registration act. In simple terms, under the current conditions, home inspectors could actually be deemed as an AHJ. Think about it, contractor licensing? no, code enforcement? no Licensed inspectors? yes. Where do they fit in the plan?

I support the efforts of MAREI and urge all inspectors that are doing business to stop and think about all of the possible outcomes if a plan is forced on the industry at this time. Join us to help fight what could be disasterous event in this state, we need your help and voice. We will try to keep you all informed as things develope.

Paul Sabados

You can expect to see the first proposal to be introduced right around the first of Feb.


Ben -

I don’t remember seeing Bushart’s name around in 2002 when MAREI was fighting off Speaker of the House Kreider and other forces. He’s probably not aware of all the past history and players. Like Paul Sabados said its being well covered.

Any Missouri Inspectors out there reading this posting. We’re getting ready to get slammed - do you have any interest in that??

Whether Bushart is interested or not is irrelevant. The legislation that is being introduced is going to present lots of problems to both new and experienced inspectors. It is unreasonable, unfair and will create more problems than are describable. If you are a Missouri Inspector, get involved, contact any of the contacts listed at the MAREI paper or myself at 417-850-9820.

Other inspectors working in Mo. from other states better pay attention and get on board with us. Expect to see the first presentations to be made within 2-3 weeks


From a practical point of view I agree completely (my personal experience with Mr. Bushart has reveled he is about as useful as tits on a bull) correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Mr. Bushart the voice for NACHI on the legislative committee?

In that capacity Mr. Bushart’s involvement becomes relevant to each and every NACHI member, especially those operating their business in Missouri and are seeking to still be in business when this is resolved.

Joe, I believe that Jim B is on the legislative committee, however, I refuse to sit back and let an individual or a committee decide how my business will operate and how the laws are written.


Very commendable, that too is my stand here in Florida, it is after all our business we are talking about. Many who are not proactive will one day awake to find themselves out of business never knowing that legislation had been passed. Don’t be one of them, and furthermore don’t let a group of appointed committee members who have no stake in the outcome sway your convictions.

Any updates on this matter? Dave Bush, did you forget to send me the information on the bill being presented.

Patrick -

We posted the MAREI contact info at the start of this post, so you can contact them for periodic updates. We also suggest joining MAREI. Its entirely possible you already got an invitation letter to join.

Dan Bowers, CRI


I recieved the invitation a couple of weeks ago from MAREI and have sent the application back to join. What I was asking for was the actual bill that was submitted a few years ago or a link to the orginal bill so I could read it and get caught up.


Hey Dan,If the contractors and builders and the codes officials star doing things right I won,t be able to get anymore pics for my website!
And the state wants to mess with you guys!

Patrick -

The Bill from 2002 is not being used and the new one this legislator is drafting is not filed yet so there are no copies. Yes we saw it at the Capitol 3 weeks ago but not out yet.

What I.D. website fiasco?

Patrick -

I met with the MAREI Secretary yesterday. As of 1/27/06 he did not have an application from you. Are you sure you sent it to MAREI (their address is on the start of this posting). We’ve heard some of the ASHI guys in St. Louis, Columbia, etc are forming a group of their own called MAHI so when they approach the legislators, etc they can say they’re the from the state group (MAHI - Missouri Association of Home Inspectors) and that they represent all inspectors in the state. Are you sure you joined MAREI and not this new MAHI???


Hopefully they have it now, blame it on trying to do to many things at the same time. I sent it to address on an old application form I had recieved from a fellow inspector that I met in KC last November at the KAREI meeting. It was an address in Joplin, MO. which by the way doesnt exist anymore. So the when the new application came in a few weeks ago I filed it away not thinking about it until the orginal app came back. I will call them today to make sure they have it. My screw up. Thanks for reminding me. This has been a busy January, must be the weather.


House Bill 1589 was read into the legislature yesterday PM. Its now waiting to be assigned a committee. If you’re in Missouri see our earlier posts on how to join MAREI.