Frosty ref. line at ev. coil?

Someone please explain the reason for this condition. (Heat pump in AC mode. The temp. split was about 10).

040711 137.JPG

The temp of the refrigerant is below 32 degrees F :D:D Just had to say that:D:D

As I think you know there are many many reasons for this condition. Low level of refrigerant being very common, Dirty return air filters, A-coil matted over with lint, Stopped up liquid line orfice

could be several reasons , A faulty valve comes to mind.

Often dirty filter or A-coil…among other things.

I would bet the coil is frozen up.

Could be many reasons.

The reason…

That is where the metering device is located.

The suction line is not frozen.


Any other reason listed here is not the primary issue (not to say that you don’t have an air flow restriction…).

Duh. TY Captain Obvious.

Thanks everyone. Of course I wrote it up and deferred it before I even posted the question.