So much for damaging the compressor

The house was vacant and the neighbor said the unit was operating day and night the A-coil was a solid ball of ice the refrigerant lines were iced over and the compressor had approximately 3 inches of solid ice. The compressor was not visible due to the ice. The nights this last week were roughly 40 degrees with highs in the 50’s. Guess he did not know about the 65 degree no run rule;-)

The A-coil was missing its safety pan guess the contractor had a memory loss the bottle was empty

I don’t think even 100 proof vodka will replace a proper refrigerant charge…

It should keep you warm though…:mrgreen:

Charles did you determine what the problem was?

Of course;-)

Just messing with Roy

There are some common reasons for ice to form on the A-coil, suction line and the compressor and basically boils down to pressure temp relationship. Any time the pressure drops within the A-coil to the 32 degree temp usually around 55 PSI for R-22 ice starts to form due to the condensate present on the coil. When the ice blocks all air flow across the coil the ice just gets thicker and thicker.

The common reasons for ice on the coil is

  1. Dirty stopped return air filters or no filters in place and the coil becomes lint coated.
  2. Low refrigerant in the system due to a leak.
  3. Improper indoor fan motor RPM
  4. As in the case where I took the pics the thermostat was set at a temp that was not attainable. The unit ran 24/7 non stop when the outdoor temp was in the low forty’s thus lowering the refrigerant pressure/temp in the system and formed the ice. The system was a new install and the refrigerant charge might have been on the short side when they fired the unit off the first time.

Anywho I turned it over to the contractor that installed it its his problem not mine:D:D:D:D

so You actually didn’t pour the vodka in there trying to boost the charge ?

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What did you find…OK?
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You haven’t a friggin’ clue …So you attack.
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Explain yourself…If you can… Which I doubt.
What was it that caused the icing?

That is as simple as I can state it.

I will say it slow this time Read # 4:roll:

It could have been all of them…
Prover your statement.

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Roy, is that your empty bottle?

It is Florida talk . he is special bless his heart :wink:

Just messin’ with Charles…

I was on my phone when I posted that…
I’ll fix it.
Prove !
Now y’all happy?