Frozen Toilet Anybody

Todays Inspection, It’s kinda chilly here in the Chicago area today.

Man that had to hurt passing that flashlight…hope Your feeling better…

Why would you put any thing of yours in there?


Now thats funny, greenie to that man.

Makes the kidney stones look quite tame :shock: :shock: :shock:



If the toilet water is frozen, there’s got to be frozen piping in the house.

Did you lick the end of your flashlight to clean it off?

thanks Gerry
just the thoughts of an old sick mind I’m afraid…jim

My wife and I were away for 3 months prior to Christmas, got home on the friday right before Xmas. One of the guys that works for me was looking after the animals while we were gone. With no heat in the house (he hadn’t turned it on yet), one of the water lines had froze and popped a joint. He panicked, not knowing what to do, and turned off the power to the water heater and the pump. When we came home, I had 7 breaks to fix, frozen toilet, frozen pressue tank and a skating rink on the floor of the basement.
Nice homecoming present:mrgreen:
Oh well, gave something to do before the insulation and drywall were delivered.

How did you get my flashlight! :shock:

IMS called me to do a winterization on a home… I call the realtor… she says… I’ve been trying to get someone in there since October… i told her she should have called me directly…:cool: (she did not know me… LOL) outside of my immediate area… she said the house is froze up… NICE… I said… :wink: arranged a time to go… emailed her a day later to see if electric was on… ohhh NO she says… by the way you need a shover or plow truck to get into the yard…:roll: Ohhh NICE i said… and by the way she says… there is 6" of water in the basement… OHHHHHHH Super NICE i said… :shock:

so a 150.00 winterization turned into a 600.00 thaw out… plus likely a 150-200 pumping of the water… and likely some plumbing work for a local plumber…

ohhhhhhh I LOVE winter!!!:mrgreen: