FS: Brand New FLIR B400 on EBAY

Sorry if I was being rude. The moderate can delete this thread as I noticed that this is not even the right section.

I will post it again in the right section with S/N.

Welcome to our forum.

You should list the serial number so that prospective buyers can verify the status, age and MHz of the unit through the FLIR Customer Service department.

As an FYI: Your starting price is probably about double the current market value for a second hand unit, since FLIR released the more capable T420 and T440 models. The T420 can be purchased new for less than $8K, includes a warranty and incentives from FLIR and avoids the risk of buying through a totally unknown private party who’s only ebay history appears to be selling jackets and T-shirts.


Yes, Chuck–how dare you even comment on this NON Member’s post! Whom which is trying to sell his used IR camera for double market value, and refusing to even list the serial number. :mrgreen:

Thanks Allen ,but you are the person who asking us to help you ,
I wish you well but this is** our forum** and demands like this sure is not showing good manners.


You are a guest on this message board. Chuck, on the other hand, is a well known and respected inspector that had legitimate questions and concerns about your item for sale.

If you don’t like the responses you get, you can leave and try to pawn your wares off on some other group.

I’m not interested.

Oh crap, now I’ve gone and done it. :frowning: