Fuel tank Vent Pipe?

Could there still be a fuel tank buried with vent pipe? Seller said gauges/pipes were in home when he bought it but pipes removed when he built shelving. Did not see fill pipe anywhere.

Yes, certainly there could still be a buried tank there…

And, you would do well to refer that possibility out for verification and proper mitigation/removal.

Thanks, anyone have a good narrative for verification and proper mitigation/removal of old fuel tank.

Abandonment requires fill and vent lines to be removed. If done properly with a certificate issued. Wouldnt take anyones word unless you see the certificate

And, if it has leaked into the surrounding soils, you have a new ballgame…:ack:

If that’s the gas meter next to your pipe did you say something about it?

Got it, Clearance should be at least 6’ below decking.

Close.:wink: Minimum clearance from grade below meter to deck bottom is 6’ and not under stairs or between doors and stairs.