Full home inspection $249and another from $225

Inspectors in my home town of Dania Beach are actually advertising the above prices. If you every wonder why home inspectors rarely are treated with respect and like professionals that is why.

I totally understand if you’ve got to pay the bills but friggen A.

ACT LIKE A PROFESIONAL and you get paid like one.

Its a race to the bottom due to the flood of new inexperienced inspectors in the market.

One of our INachi brothers… so 3000 sq for 275.00 & the WDO/Termite is free. :vomit:
Just great huh?

Condo / Apt
Up to 1,000 sqft $150.00 **

Single Family Home**
Up to 1,000 sqft $175.00
1,000 sqft - 1,500 sqft $200.00
1,500 sqft - 2,000 sqft $225.00
2,000 sqft - 2,500 sqft $250.00
2,500 sqft - 3,000 sqft $275.00

** Wind, 4 Point, Roof or Termite**

Wow. From the 2009 King of Lowballers when it came to 4-points. a complete 180 and it only took 7 years. :roll:

As Normal your head is up your A-S I have NEVER been the king of lowball 4 Points , fool. Try again. If you need a tip just ask.

My error. Wind mits.

That is one of the major reasons I do not even try to get written reports as jobs. If you do not value yourself then no one will. Sade thing is sometimes people HAVE to do it just to get any desperately needed work and Man sometimes times get tough. It is the full-time lowballers and sometimes sub it out pieces of crap that bother me. Try to get 1000 jobs and make a tad off each one. Fools.

Mike - not that I agree with any of the low ballers, but would you rather depend on many jobs for less money or have all of your eggs in one basket. Unfortunately a free market determines the price. And so does inexperience. That is exactly what we have going on right now in our industry

Yep, I know first hand many of these guys out there. Its a shame. I have this guy who’s just South of me who is also a GC. His MO is comes in low on the prices but does the repairs on the side. Yet he’s a member of INTER-Nachi. What happen to “I wont touch your house up to 1 year after inspection.” Yeah right. We see it all the time.

And have you reported this inspector to InterNachi?
YOU have a responsibilty to all members to assist in stopping this from taking place. If not, you are as guilty as he is.

Had someone tell me the other day the had a quote for $150, I quoted $525, “uhmm let me talk to my wife”… called back 2 hours later and booked! I can’t believe how many try to save even $50 on the biggest purchase of their life:roll:

File a complaint with the State. That violates FL State Statutes if he is doing this for RE transactions.

YES! please!!! should be reported to NACHI too!

You do not have to tell us here but the state & NACHI should definitely know. Do it!
A GC also huh… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,

No…it couldn’t be…:wink:

Funny I do not know ONE G.C. that would work for less than nothing to try to get work. It is crazy as the clients if they have any brains will get several other quotes.

I believe if they ask you and you actually want to compete with the internet handy men then you should have the right. ** IT SHOULD BE UP TO THE CLIENT WHO THEY HIRE FOR WHAT.**