Full report on Chicago NACHI's First Chapter Meeting

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NACHI Chicago Chapter Meeting

The Chicago Chapter of NACHI held a meeting July 15th, 6 PM, at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare to a full house. The meeting was kicked-off by Chapter President Russ Myers, who after extolling NACHI?s meteoric growth in membership, internet exposure, and high standards of operation and conduct, announced the approval of NACHI?s first state-approved continuing education course in Illinois.

The audience was kept from focusing too intently on the gourmet dinner roast sirloin by three energetic presentations. Mike Galasinski of Arrow Masonry heated up the audience?s interest by explaining deficient masonry construction practices commonly repaired by Arrow, including water infiltration issues associated with split-faced block construction.

John Saigh?s explosive enthusiasm, please forgive the pun as John? employer is People?s Energy - the local gas utility company, but John?s style is truly energetic and magnetic, kept the audience from truly savoring the excellent almond cheesecake with amaretto caramel sauce and fresh fruit. John?s pointed remarks regarding the combustion air requirements for gas-fired appliances and the dire consequences if these requirements are not met perked quite a few ears among the audience.

The final presentation by Dennis DeMarco of Independent Associates on strategies for minimizing legal liabilities and maximizing business opportunities rounded off the speakers. Dennis got a late start due to the extended Q&A sessions with the prior presentations, but certainly held the audience?s interest as a good portion of the audience remained through the end of his presentation sometime after 9 PM.

Promotional materials provided by NACHI, EMSL, Pro-Lab, and Rand McNally were appreciated and eagerly accepted by the audience. Special recognition should be given to Russ Myers, Chapter President and Will Decker, Chapter Vice-President for organizing the event.

It sounds to me like this Chapter's goin places! Really nice for a first meeting, my compliments to you all