Full-time Inspector Needed

We are seeking a state-licensed home inspector that has a motivation and desire to become a full-time member of our team. We perform pre-purchase residential and commercial building inspections for the Orlando and Central Florida area. Applicant must have the following skills:

*Great communication ability - verbal and written
*Attention to detail
*Positive attitude
*Desire to serve others
*General knowledge of residential construction
*General computer skills - typing proficiently, Word, etc.

Inspector must have reliable transportation for driving to and from the job sites. Clean driving record and background check are a must. Drug free workplace. Candidate must be willing to get a little dirty at times while still remaining professional with extreme attention to detail. Training will be provided and will ensure the candidate is ready to perform home inspections to our standards.

Please email resume to info@cfbinspect.com

Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Seems if somebody has those qualities they could do well on their own. Especially with this statement.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you!


As many of us know, it can take a while to build a thriving home inspection business. There are a lot of new people entering the industry but do not have the foundation needed to make a living. I’m exploring all avenues to help find someone who is motivated and eager to work and would like to join a great team.

The “don’t call us, we’ll call you” was a little joke as last time I posted a job I had tons of people calling me instead of sending a resume.

Anyways, if you or someone you know are interested, please pass this along.


Glad business is good or getting better. It does trickle down

I have been asked by three new inspectors in town to train them in the last month. I don’t think I want to train my competition. If they are “eager and professional” as you stated you are looking for; they will have no problem building their business on their own. One other thought is I am surprised you are willing to have someone else represent you and your company.

We have eight people that work with our company, several or which are fully licensed home inspectors. One of our crew actually was my competition and decided it would be better and easier to work with us. He is a great inspector but did not have some of the systems and staff in place that we have. He now have less headaches and enjoys what he does.

Since we work as a team we do not have to deal with one person representing us. One of my team members has worked by my side for more than two years. He now has more experience than other inspectors with his time in the business because he sees more because we do more. He will be leading his own team before long.

Very well stated John;)

Ken getting his own crew?

Very we’ll said. There are good people out there that love doing inspections but don’t want the headache of running a business. It’s all in the hiring and not just picking the first person with a pulse.

Very soon

It took me months to find the my new hire, Dan.

Congrats that is one hard working guy…