Funniest thing you've ever seen while inspecting a home

So I wanted to create this post to see what other crazy situations or most macgyvered thing seen during a home inspection. I’ve seen my share in the middle of Iowa in the small towns.

Inspecting a small 900~ ft country home . Parents had died and the Daughter and Son both about 50 where cleaning out the home to sell it .
I went into the attic and saw many boxes and kids toys .
Called the sellers into Kitchen and passed down what was there .What great experience I passed down a rocking horse and they said OH! great that’s from when I was small down come a doll house and other toys Never saw people so happy cry so much and mention mom so often Train set Oh Maw Thanks for saving these things .Took about 20 minutes to send down all the old toys and dolls.
What great experience for Char and I we some times drive by the old home and always get to talking about how happy the owners where about Mom .

Would get a better response in a private forum.

Awesome! You brought back memories for them I bet!

Drain from the master bath sink dumped through a 2" PVC pipe out the wall to flower bed on the side of the house. Yep.

This was for real from Plantation, FL.
Everything was going OK until I got to the backyard.
It looked like something I didn’t want to stand under.
The buyer actually asked me if I could tell if the windows were impact rated.
I told him the report will state “backyard tree house not part of inspection”. :shock:

Tree House 6-13-17.jpg

That beats the laundry sink that dumped through a 2" PVC pipe out the wall, down the flower bed right to the street!

Haha! I love the tree house!

I don’t get it my flowers just die every within days of planting them… LMAO

I have to put this one in there a client of mine was a younger man, I wrote it up but told my client on the walkthrough just be careful on your morning glory… The kid’s dad which was there with him looked at me and almost fell on the floor laughing.