Funny baby video of my Grandaughter

My Daughter, Eloise, attempted to create her first You Tube video my my new Granddaugher, Rebekah.

The result? A kid making funny faces while hiccuping and my daughter, who had her husband, John, film 20 minutes of this, falling asleep.

Watch the eyes, carefully. This kid has her parents wrapped around her little finger. Truely some Dr. Evil expressions.

Go figure.

Kid’s! Can’t live with 'em and can’t leave them on the curb.


Hey Gramps, the kid is too cute, congrats.

But, I am immune from “cute” faces passing gas. I will, probably, be the only member of my family who she will not be able to scam.

She has to learn. I can fart and burp with the best of 'em. :mrgreen:

She is so cute.

Somehow I guessed that about you… Shes a keeper!

I think this is abosolutley AWSOME!!

NACHI *** N*** ana A sks C hildren and ***H***usbands to ***I***netract
OK… we have inter NACHI…
I think we need . … Grandma/Grandpa NACHI…

I’m only 53 and I have 9 grand kids… and I’m a stone fox

G-d bless you.

I have only the one, and am still overwhelmed by it.

Hope I have your stamina!