Furnace and hot water heater venting

Here are todays findings. Both the furnace and hot water heater are tied into each other at a “T” at the connection to the chimney. Comments? I do not know if this is kosher or not.

Second, dryer vent vents out the roof. Never seen it before, and finally, the multi port washer supply and drain are inside the wall (accessable by hatch way) but the supply lines and drain lines have become permanent fixtures to the house. Never seen that before:shock:

Input for reporting the furnace venting is appreciated.



NO, has to be a WYE or TEE WYE, that will NOT allow proper flow into chimney


The dryer vent needs cleaned, but can vent out of the roofing…

Those washer components should NOT be in the wall, how will they move the washer out and away when they need to do repairs.