Furnace PVC Vent pitched downhill

My pictures didn’t come out, but the PVC vent pipe for the high efficiency furnace runs across garage ceiling, then a 45 pointed downhill, then straight through the wall to outside. Of course, Water is dripping from it outside onto the sidewalk.

Is a furnace vent that is PVC allowed to have a downhill slope?


see 109 minutes of movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_Gahs7e3AA

Yes its suppose to have a down hill slope WV but back towards the heel of the 90 on the combustion blower. What do you suppose the hose on the heel of the 90 is for, surely not for cosmetic looks;-):p:p:p

Thanks, Mr Charley, and thanks for not mentioning the Bowl Game last nite :wink:

Yep, water running out of the hose at the 90, and also out the end of the pipe on the sidewalk, too. They put the 45 in there because the garage ceiling is higher than the soffit. They should have just ran the pipe about 10 inches lower, IMO, so it would be horizontal with slight pitch upward toward termination point.

Thanks, Roy.

I’ll try and view it, maybe tomorrow. I live so far out in the stix that it takes 2 1/2 days for the sunshine to make it out here! :wink:

With satellite internet, purchased the highest possible speed, I can download a 3 minute youtube video in about an hour and half. :shock:

We downloaded a movie to watch the other night, no lie. It’s a 2 hour movie, the new “Jason Bourne” flick.

It is now downloaded and ready to watch–a full 38 hours later. Truth.

For now, I’ll just write it up as defective, improper pitch

Wait until the running/dripping water freezes at the exterior.

That was my comment to the client. It’s about 2 feet overhead, dripping on the concrete sidewalk :cool:

The horizontal exhaust pipes drip water at the exterior even when done correctly (temperature dependent).

Parker, Colorado Home Inspector

I’m confused. That seems to defy the laws of gravity.

1/4 inch rise per foot would seemingly prevent that?

Except the statement “horizontal” and “correctly” don’t go together. 1/4 in rise per foot is not really horizontal. :neutral:

I’ve seen them run vertical, then run with 1/4" per foot rise inside, go through the bond joist and siding, turn 90 degrees upward, go up 2’ ± , turn 90 degrees at the termination and still have icicles occasionally. Warm moist exhaust condensing.

Yes but you live inside a refrigerator.:stuck_out_tongue: You also see the same on a plumbing vent, a warm fart condensing at the vent opening :shock:

Gee all this time I thought that was a wet fart Thanks for the info .