Fuse box puzzle (with photos)

I’m concerned about the wiring above fuse #2 & #3 in the sub. Any input?
Fuse #3 (30 Amp) has 12 gauge wire as well as all the 30 Amp fuses in the main which has 60 Amp service.
In addition the mast is not visible and looks like it never has been. Service wires are too low above the patio roofing and touching the building along with tree branches toward the service pole.


IMG_2834 (Small).jpg

I would most certainly write it up, anytime you see "GREEN " fuses like this on circuits that are obviously 120V circuits…it should be written up because an electrician will need to determine the intent.

The 240V loads are above in the pull out design, and unless it is labeled explaining completly what the circuits are it is simply not good to speculate the exceptions.

As for the Service Drop conductors…obviously the termination points are not exposed, can’t be observed which tells me someone added this at a later point and if the flashing and so on is metal and in contact with the grounded conductor…well I will let your imagination wonder on that one…

Either way…defer it and have the liablility put off on the electrical contactor as you did your job in pointing it out. I would also suggest to your client that public records be checked for any permits just to give them additional piece of mind.


That has to be about the worst and most hazardous service entrance I have ever seen. There is so much wrong with the fuse panels also, I would write that one up as “Needs immediate attention from licensed electrician.” But the service entrance is simply unfathomable! How did the electric company let that happen???