I’m concerned about the wiring above fuse #2 & #3 in the sub. Any input?
Fuse #3 (30 Amp) has 12 gauge wire as well as all the 30 Amp fuses in the main which has 60 Amp service.
In addition the mast is not visible and looks like it never has been. Service wires are too low above the patio roofing and touching the building along with tree branches toward the service pole.

IMG_2834 (Small).jpg


Hi to all,

Al, your joking right?? that whole installation is FUBARed, you have a fused neutral condition at the knife switch (which is overfused) and over fusing in the distribution panel, the connection of the drop to the home is also just damned dangerous with the SEC’s running into the structure.



How did he get a picture of my home??


That is UGLY! Looks like my fuse box before I renovated LOL. It’s a little hard to see, but is the wiring frayed on the #3 lug? That’s one I would refer to an electrician.

Just tell them to call Bulldozer Electrical! :smiley: :smiley:

I would be willing to bet Gerry’s next paycheck there is some serious wood rot inside the area (behind the fascia) where the SEC enters the structure. The metal trim is simply covering up any obvious damage as is often the original reason for installing it. Hope you called that out as well as the numerous obvious electrical discrepancies