Insurance Cover - How Much?

Good day all, I’m getting mixed signal how much insurance to carry. I live in Ga. and I’m curious what others carry for themselves, and how they determined what is right for them? I’m not looking for quotes and I understand it varies state to state, and some don’t require it at all.
Thanks in advance…

IMO, the first most important question to get to your answer is… What are you inspecting, and what type coverage do you want? Are you looking for E&O, GL, both, other?

I Inspect Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, etc. in the Upper Midwest, primarily Minnesota.
I guarantee you my coverage is far more than you will need at this time.

Check with your insurance provider you would be surprised that $300,000 general liability insurance is about $10 cheaper per year than $1 million GL/EO insurance. Get the million dollar policy and sleep well at night.


My first question is, is it required in Ga?
If so, they tell you what you need.

As others have and will respond, it depends on what you will be inspecting. Are you in Atlanta or Blue Ridge, Ga.?
What is your chance of getting in trouble based on how new you are to the industry? How many inspections will you be doing this year (you will likely be asked)?

I recommend you get to know your insurance agent personally. Have their phone number in your contacts just below 911. When you have a liability question, call them, not the outhouse lawyers/inspectors advise here. This subject is too important to your family than other stuff we chat about here.

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Great advice… Thanks