GA FMLS is charging NON-Member too much.

Hello everyone this is Jay Striker the bass angler home inspector. Out side of bass fishing is inspecting for me. Well I was wondering if any one in GA has got the new requirements from FMLS to Non-Members of the system. To give you all an update we have to now 1. provide FMLS 1Mill in insurance naming them the insured. 2. Have to bring our key into one of their offices each quarter to show we have the key in our control by showing it to someone in their office. 3. Now have to pay 150.00 each quarter to keep our key, not to include the GE Supra payment every 90 days. 4. We have to contact the listing agent to get a Call before you Show code (CBS) to even enter the home. In GA the FMLS lockbox system is the only way for us to have access to the many homes. This is going to be a mess. Tell me what you guys think.

I wish I could have MLS access in Raleigh without paying $1500 to join the realtors association, then $500 a year dues, plus $50 a month fee.
you would think realtors would want to make it easier on themselves by giving us access. oh well, they can do their job and come let us in every time for all I care.