New -6/-7 LockBox Key Fees and requirements

I recently received a letter from FMLS, the agency that sponsors lockbox keys in Georgia, stating that Inspectors and Appraisers (affiliate members) will have:
a) To pay $600.00 per year, paid quarterly to maintain their lockbox key.
b) Provide documentation for $1,000,000 general insurance
c) Contact the listing agent to gain special code to gain entry
d) Surrender their key for a download of all properties visited.

I find this suspect and inconvenient. This sounds like they are attempting to squeeze out as many inspectors as possible. While this is good for me since fewer competitors means more business, however I believe this is unrealistic and unfair.

This fee is yet another barrier imposed on those of us who sought a profession that provides a real objective service to real estate buyers.

My questions to the group:

  1. A professional license is not required in Georgia (this state doesn’t require a license to do many professions – such as contractors, for example, so don’t loose your hat). Would a professional license abate this requirement?
  2. Does NACHI have a PAC or a legal arm that we can contact to obtain an injunction against this requirement?
  3. Does this apply to Georgia or is this a universal thing from GE Supra Security skylarks?
  4. Is this an issue to bring up with our Governor’s office of consumer affairs, congressional and state representatives?
  5. Who do I contact for further information in NACHI?

If it is cheaper to for me to become an agent, please let me know, because if the real estate agents out there really want to compete with an certified NACHI home inspector AND an appraiser, fine! Bring IT ON, but I advise them to really consider their actions. If the annual cost of a regular Joe Realtor license renewal is under $200.00, then I’ll just become an agent.

What do you people think?

Also What Gives! I Am A Nachi Member!!!

I cover such a large area, I’d have to belong to about 7 MLS areas…no way I could afford to belong to all those associations…the realtor can do his job and open the house. Plus I noted that only one percent of the homes I inspect are the MLS type locks…many are just a combo lock and if the realtor cannot come they just give me the code.

Same here!

The realtor should do their job and be there to hold their clients hands throughout the inspection.

The MLS in our area does not even allow inspectors to have a lock box key, and the real estate agents are required to be present during the entire inspection, …besides they have to open the door.
There are fines for leaving an inspector at a property alone.

Have you heard anymore on this?? I talked with Shannon Cory (ASHI Atlanta chapt president) this weekend and he mentioned that everything was swapping over to MLS from FMLS.

I’d like to hear more on it from others that know this for a fact.

You should be jumping for joy. Think about it.

Harun, may I speak frankly without you taking personal offense to it? I’ll tell you exactly what to do and it will double your business overnight.

Correct Kevin.

I know you wrote this a while ago…but YES. please double my business overnight! I couldn’t find the your next threads.

No kidding!

You see an inconvenience, I see you setting yourself apart from the competition!

Lets think about this— you have the opportunity to book more inspections now because you’ll be one of the inspectors that has a Supra key. Do you think realtors like taking 3 hours out of there day to let you into a house and babysit you? NO. Pay the key fee, including it in your marketing, and enjoy the referrals. $600 over a year is easily absorbed. At least you can pay quarterly- here, its a lump sum once a year.

The association in my area has been charging a similar affiliate key fee for years now. It takes 30 seconds to call the listing office for the CBS code, and I don’t have to worry about an agent letting me in a hovering for the entire inspection!

Pay the fee and move on!:roll:

In Kansas City, the realtors use the Supra Key and the Board tells their agents its unethical to let a home inspector into a house without the agent present AND they might lose their license if they do this.

In Springfield, Columbia, St Louis, and Lake of the Ozarks MANY inspectors say they hardly ever see the realtor … They are on the Supra Key also OR combo lock boxes. Ain’t it amazing its unethical AND goes against Realtors rules in the KC area BUT its perfectly acceptable in other parts of the state / MUST have a different STATE law in those areas.

Or different E&O/insurance languages/policies for liability reasons.

I do inspections in 2 states, well 2 states and the District of Columbia (stupid it’s not a state…LOL). I used to have the keys in all places, but found that in my areas anyway Realtors always attend the inspection if they don’t already know me. Those that do know I will handle their clients with professionalism and will never have any negative feedback so they just give me the codes or a pass.

But when it’s a nre agent they show up and I love it as it is the opportunity to meet a potential new agent to add to my list. That being said I stopped paying for the keys, it is not necessary for me anyway.