Ga. license bill...

Does any other Georgia inspector’s beside BD and myself have any opinions on this bill?

Do you have a copy you can link or post, Ken?

You can look at it here.

Obviously fits the ASHI/ITA model being pushed in every other state. The only criteria that is spelled out regards the ASHI test (NHIE) and the ITA required class work. Everything else is left up to the board to decide, autonomously, at some future date at their whim. Look at New York’s current fiasco to see where that can lead.

I feel sorry for you guys.

Looks like they caught you asleep at the wheel.

What is the current status of this bill?

It has been sent to the govenor for signing. Yes it is sad indeed, I seem to be the only one who cares. I don’t understand, when licensing in any other state is mentioned, there is a call to arms by nachi, here just silence! I guess it’s true that ashi rules in Ga.

The first objection must come from the members from that state. If the NACHI members of a certain state feel that legislation is needed or desired, NACHI will not interfere with the will of its members.

On the other hand, when local members call for help, they will find plenty of it.

What is this Bill you’re referring to???/

Two close friends of mine are home inspectors live in Texas. One in Dallas and one near San Antonio. I called them this week to see what they thought of the new E&O requirements in Texas.

They had no idea what I was talking about.

Look at post # 3

It appears that this bill is dead for the MOMENT. The page on Senate Committee of Regulated Industries states that bill has been read and refereed. This kind of bill is a politicians gravy. They go back home and say I sponsored 10 new bills this year. What they don’t say is that none of them got out of committee. This is the third year that I know of this type of bill being run up the pole in the Georgia Legislature.

Note that there is no house comparable bill, both houses need to pass it to go Gov. Sonny.

BEWARE it will come someday. In the mean time think of the State of Georgia and General Contactors license. Law was supposed to go in effect almost two and half years ago. They still have no enforcement of the licensing requirements.


They may not have heard of it because Dallas and San Antonio are pretty far from Atlanta.

Ken -

What are you talking about? The comment is intended to show how many guys have no idea whats going on under their own nose in their own backyard. Which is really the answer to what you’ve been asking.

Combined with the fact that as we’ve learned the hard way all over. Most of our guys whine and cry then do nothing.

Do you do anything around here but whine?

Sorry Dan, I did not know you were trying to make a point.

You are the only one whining Bozo!

…then, suddenly, those who “do nothing” find themselves in the situation of our brothers in New York

I thought Dan mistaked me living in Texas. My bad!

Go back and look at your posts… you whine like a little girl, your are worse then Wendy.

Joe you are still pouting because I hurt your pride, let it go, where is that thick skin, you talk about so much?

There is some new info, here, on the GA Bill. Ignore Harvey Hempelstern. He’s an idiot.