Gable End Bracing Graphics Question.

Does anyone have any easy to understand graphics.
I have a few ,but the average homeowner would not understand them.
Here is a pic of the attic.

Are you asking about the gable end truss?

Gable drop truss bracing.
I do it regularly when I build a gable home, but don’t have any simple graphics to add to my report.

my safe fl home
appears to have some decent edu of what’s required
$50 test for the cert may be beyond the everything free mentality ;~))

free edu courses no cert issued unless you pay

What is a Gable drop truss bracing?

Are you talking about bracing the end gable truss?:slight_smile:

A drop gable is a gable truss that is usually 3.5" lower than the common trusses to allow 2x4 outlookers to be installed over the top.

Roy, are you asking about the 2007 prescriptive method for bracing or just simple cross / diagonal bracing graphics?

Pick one

Do you mean hurricane bracing of the outriggers?

I think they are talking about this;


Yes, but what is the bracing?

Yes, that is a dropped gable with outlookers (outriggers), but that is not gable end bracing. That is a standard detail for the overhang which has been required that way in FL for the last 20 years.

Like this?

One example, and the most common.

Ahhh. When he specified the dropped truss I wasn’t sure if he meant something specific to it.

just simple cross / diagonal bracing graphics.

Are you looking for hurricane bracing for drop truss gable?


Thank guys. I found one in my files.

Roy, we may have a revolt if you don’t post the picture you found.

Exactly! :slight_smile:

Lol…ok !

Gable End Retro Guide.jpg

That is lateral bracing for roof trusses to an extreme for roof truss installation up here.
I thought we were talking about stick built.
This is a standard bracing here;