gal alum

What kind of roof is a gal alum? Is that a type of metal roof or does this stand for galvanized aluminum? The client called me saying there was a label on the material for this 1960’s home that said cal alum. any insight into what this is?

Sorry no pic’s.

Sounds like this coating:

The term is “Galvalume”. It’s a brand name for a steel-core roofing coated with an alloy of galvanized steel and aluminum. Invented in the early 1970’s, it has become an industry term like “Kleenex” or “Masonite”.

What is the quality and estimated lifespan on this stuff?

The reason it’s done so well is that it’s pretty durable. Don’t know the lifespan. I guess it depends on the particular product, how it was stored, installed, maintained, etc.

You can check online for current products and life expectancy of the finish at or at