What type of "Shingle" is this?

Can anyone tell me what this type of shingle is called. It basically looks and feels like a plastic coated with roofing granules. Thanks! DSCN9646|666x500

Looks like aluminum roofing from here. Dents easily.

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Yes sir. Some kind of metal and it does dent easily, like Chuck said. I stayed on the bends, or just below them…close, and waked gingerly and that worked for me. :smile:


looks like metal roofing fom here…


Stone-coat formed metal roofing. Size and installation varies with manufacturer. DON’T WALK ON IT! It bends real easily.
Make sure it’s secure where you can reach it. Look closely at penetrations, headwalls, sidewalls, eaves, and rakes for flashing problems and potential leaks do to poor installation.


possibly decra based on pattern & dented shingles
if it is
i’ve jumped on it with full weight & both feet attempting to destroy at a seminar & could only demonstrate dent resistance & or pop-back reconfiguration with little effort
it’s some gnarly enough shit i was impressed & that takes some doin’
i’ve not encountered any roofing material that i would say don’t walk on unless slope, weather or deterioration was my only escape clause
drive fast & take chances, none get out alive ;~}


That is what I found, too, Bear. :smile:

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Looks like stone coated metal. 1st time I inspected one was about 4-6 yrs ago in mid summer. About 90 degrees outside.From the ground and the dark brown color of the one I was looking at … I thought it was shakes. I climbed my ladder … got to the top and with both feet on the ladder AND keeping one hand on my ladder, I placed my other hand on the surface of the roofing to mount it … BIG mistake

The word that comes to mind is OWEEEEEEEEEEEE

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thanks for that word picture Dan

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Junk, every so many years a new line of it!

This was from a December inspection. Roof from 2007.
My question is can the dented tile condition contribute to future deficienciesroof6 roof8 roof7

Marc, was that your doing stepping on those? :wink:

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I’ve dented a “few” in my past days… … … ha ha
I take pics from the edge on my ladder these days. :cowboy_hat_face:

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:grinning: :smiley:

“that’s how I found them” :slight_smile:

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Pretty sure there is a class action law suit on a bunch of those types of shingles.

Do you have a link, Scott?

Oh, and welcome to our forum. There are no stupid questions. Enjoy! :smile:

Hey Larry, so there’s several different law suits but below is the link for the most common. They are described as stone clad metal roofing and the specific manufacture that is being sued( I think) is Gerard. Had these exact shingles on a house. https://www.hfajustice.com/news/hfa-files-lawsuit-on-behalf-of-homeowners-alleging-defective-gerard-stone-coated-metal-roofing/

Thanx. It is hard to tell the manufacturer because they all look so similar. :smile:

Yes it took some investigation on my part but I was able to find out from the owner and county that the shingles were in fact the Gerard brand. Also, those types of shingles should be considered suspect anywhere there is the possibility of hail as they are extremely flimsy. Scott