Gallop Poll: McCain Within 2 pts.

Rasmussan, Reuters, Hotline, Battlegrounds, & Gallup appear to have Obama up on average 5% with the Hotline 10% and Gallup 2%. But looking into the ways these are conducted it also shows of those interviewed on average are 5% more Dems than Rep. A couple don’t mention how they call as far as party affilliation but one has to think it is in line with 5% more dems being interviewed than Repub. Now I know why Jae don’t take much stock in polls!

Another Poll has McCain pulling within 2 pt.(PDF)

Sorry Nick, I had to…

LOL, looks good.

10/17/08 6:33 PM EDT

Barack Obama has taken a slight lead with white independent voters for the first time in the presidential race, positioning him to capture a key demographic group that has eluded recent Democratic nominees, according to a Politico analysis of independent voting patterns.

According to Gallup’s weekly average of some 6,400 registered voters, Obama now holds a 45 percent-43 percent edge over Republican John McCain with white independents. About eight in 10 independents are white.

**Should Obama’s support hold, he is positioned to become the first Democrat to win white independents in a two-man race since the advent of exit polling. **

His name is not Joe and he will get a tax break under Obama.

Sam (his real name) only made $40,000 last year.

Joe the Plumber is a made up story as gimick.

This is the history of Republican campaigns.

It works well for them to reframe everything.
At last people are seeing how they do this and not falling for it anymore and the red party as usual is out of fresh ideas.

Time for change.

The question “Joe the plumber” asked is no less relevant and Obama’s answer is what it is.

He is a Socialist and your spin doesn’t change that.

You do not need to be affected by Obama’s tax increase to oppose it.

Mike the election is over.
You just don’t know it yet.

Did you make more than $250,000 last year Mike? or are you the rich fatcats pet familiar.

McCain is for the bailout and wants to giveaway $300,000 as an election bribe to those not paying off their mortgages.

Now that my friend is Socialism.

Pssst! So is Obama.

You just don’t get it Bob.

I’m not for anyone’s taxes being raised, unless they pay nothing, which means they may not care what anyone else is taxed.

They have become part of the expanding welfare stare already.

What happens when the money leaves the country? Hmmm?

Obama is all about CHANGE…

It’s not about change, it’s about big money

Heck, keep the change. :smiley:


That particular bill became a controversial subject on a local radio station here yesterday. They ask the designer why he drew items that predict that he is prejudice (watermelon, chicken, food stamps, etc.) and he replied "everyone eats watermelon and chicken and drinks Kool-Aid. Then the radio announcer stated that these items (on the bill) were stereotypical food items of black people.

The designer replied…“Says who, did you perform a survey to determine this?”. And the conversation dragged on for about fifteen minutes.

I loved it.

Pass the chicken boys… Reality check for McCain! :mrgreen:


Obama raises stunning $150 million in September](

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama reports raising more than $150 million in September in an unprecedented eruption of political giving.

The influx of money has helped the Illinois senator expand the field of competitive states and has widened his financial advantage over Republican rival John McCain.

The monthly figure pushed Obama’s total fundraising to $605 million, unseen before in presidential politics. The campaign offered no details, but must submit a monthly report to the Federal Election Commission on Monday.

Obama’s numbers are possible because he opted out of the fall campaign’s public financing system. McCain chose to be in the system, which limits him to $84 million for the September-October stretch before the election.