gap below window

How would you report the condition in the photo.

Should’nt the window be flush witht the sill?

There was a 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap below the window & you could see the exposed wood.

88006 Cleveland 019 (Small).jpg

88006 Cleveland 021 (Small).jpg

My best guess is the window is a replacement that is sitting on a sloped sill, does the window operate properly? is is secure?..if all is okay then it is likely to be a poor installation job.

Defer to a window specialist for the final say.

Replacement windows usually reguire an extender for a proper fit.
This window obviously doesn’t have it.
The expander just snaps into place .
If the windows came directly from a local manufacturer the home owner could get the expanders from there.
If they were an in-stock from “Big-Box” I’ve never been able to get the expander without it being a special order.
A really good aluminum wrap contractor could probably fake it with wrap.


Once again, dont they use permits up there. I doubt the city would allow such an installation. I always advise my client to seek a permit history of any house they have a contract on. If something is done without permits, I refer them to a RE attorney to work out the differences. Keeps me out of a lot of trouble.

Cheremie is pointing out one of the problems and I agree with him, and this would also indicate that the replacement window was installed before the aluminum wrap. Since the replacement did not fit the window sill pitch originally, the flashing wrap was executed pretty sloppy. Caulking was done improperly, dents in the flash work and exposed end sill is evident. The way this window is flashed looks like the replacement window took over the old double hung window with the weights. The width of the side trim reminds me of this.

I would certainly write this one up as further repairs recommended and Contractor assessment required for the proper installation. Existing installation will promote future water intrusion to the wall assemble due the improper installation.

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  1. A lot of houses are not located inside city limits.

  2. Permits are not required for small jobs. At least not in this county.

  3. Permits may not be required for certain upgrades (I rewired practically my whole house without a permit.)

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Did you think to see if the insulation was installed under the window? Yes the sill expander is missing. The wrap could have fixed this. around here reppair for that as far as a re-wrap would run about $75.