Writing up a window...

Hello to all,

This window install doesn’t look correct to me. I plan on writing it up for improper sealing. Is there another way you guys would write this up? Improper install? I kinda think it looks improperly set. Or do you think it just needs to be sealed? Thanks in advance!


100_5017 (Small).JPG

100_5020 (Small).JPG

100_5016 (Small).JPG

100_5018 (Small).JPG

Gregg; besides seeing a lousy caulk job, the aluminum windows sometimes come with a built in j- channel for the siding material, but I am only guessing, which I should not do, but if that is the case it was a bad caulker installer. ha. ha.

It appears the the window installation might not have been installed per Manufacturers Installation instruction and would reccomend a reputable Contractor to follow up on the installation.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


Thanks Marcel,
Good to see you here btw. :slight_smile:

Marcel is correct, that window is a new construction window that has the J channel built in, this is usually to accept vinyl siding which would have a profile of 3/4 " not to say that it can’t be installed and have wood siding or trim around the window but the finish is poor at best.

Thank you both, I will suggest a re-install or a new window.