Writing up for poor flashing?

Hi all,

I am calling this window out for improper flashing and being improperly sealed. Your opinions are appreciated.


100_5271 (Small).JPG

100_5272 (Small).JPG

100_5273 (Small).JPG

I would appreciate you writing that up for me if I were the home buyer. This is a good find. Window will leak as soon as the shingles break down or work free from the flashing. Also notice that the siding above the window was cut short exposing the previous siding on the house. This will leak in the corners no doubt as is.

Yes I would. Finding doesn’t conform to building standards or practices at the time of installation.

I would have a hard time not writing it up.
Either it is a horrible botched attempt at flashing or the worlds smallest roof structure.
Plus, the last picture shows, what appears to be exposed fasteners through, the metal flashing-That is just bl**dy brilliant!

Well… it’s not very good. It’s ugly and the nails will eventually start to back out from thermal expansion and contraction and then there’ll be that possibility for leakage. The flashing does extend well past the actual window opening and what’s that grey stuff at either end of the flashing?

I’d mention that it’s a weak area and tell why, but I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.