Garage door magnetic stop


I am wanting to install a magnetic stop to my inside garage door. It is an attached garage and I want to install it so I can easily unload groceries from my car. I am wondering if it is considered ok to drill into the door between the house and garage to install the stop? I live in California and I believe it is a fire door so I want to make sure it doesn’t do anything to damage my home or increase risks for fire.

If the door is self closing, it’s intended to be self-closing. Depending on the year of construction, type of home and your local codes, it may well be a requirement that it be self-closing. I would not recommend installing a device to defeat the self-closing mechanism.

If the door is self closing, then it was required when the home was built or the door was changed.
You have other options. A hook on the wall and a bungee cord around the knob works…

A gallon of water also works. It has the side benefit of contributing to your earthquake survival kit, too.