Garage Door Sensor


Does anyone know what height the automatic reverse sensor should be? Usually I see it around 4", but recently I saw one at about 14"



Most manufacturers recommned no more than six inches above the floor. 14 inches is way to high. Recommend that it be lowered.

Thanks William!

The directions for a Craftsman opener were laying in the garage of a home I inspected the other day and they specified no more than eight inches high for the sensors.

I write up anything over 6 inches from the floor.

6 inches is probably a good rule of thumb. I had a Genie screw drive opener installed in Jan. '07. The only thing I could find in the installation instructions is “Ensure that top of lenses are between 5”-6" above the floor".

All manufacturers are different. If you call out sensors that are mounted correctly according to the manufacturers specifications, you would have goofed.


Some manufacturers recommend the eye to be installed 12" from the floor, but some children have bodies that are thinner that 12 inches. So I simply call it out as a safety issue.

I recall reading a tragic story about a little boy who was playing “Beat the door” and he didn’t “Beat the door” and was squished to death. They investigated and found the sensers to be working fine but too high.

I’ll buy that!

REcommend six inches.

I use 6". Anything higher would not see a childs bike laying down on it’s side. Not to say that at 6" it will see the bike but, anythink higher won’t for sure.

Anything lower then 6" and you have already crushed a person.