Garage door sensors ( electronic eyes)

The garage door safety sensors should be installed not higher than 6" off the floor. Can anyone tell me if there is a minimum height that they should be? I came across a garage today that had the sensors basically resting in the garage floor.
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BTW: check out the testing procedures.

Interesting, thanks.

The manufacturers installation requirements for the specific opener will dictate the location and restrictions for the placement of the sensors.

Some will vary, so check them out; all the top-tier brands have the install guides online.


I call out 4-6 inches off the floor. Sensors flat on the floor won’t do d*ck.

You can make up yor own shiit if you want, but there is no standard for low clearance. The photo electric sensors are a secondary anti-entrapment device, to prevent persons from being trapped between the door and the floor. They’ll work just fine right at floor level. The law allows for floor contact sensors to be used also.

It’s spelled out in nauseating detail in Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations, right there with the banning of lawn darts.

Lower would not be hurting anything, higher than 6" can allow a small child to crawl under the door as it is coming down. I always call out anything above 6".

Thank you everyone. Chuck thank you for the standard, very interesting.

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