Garage Door Springs

Inspected a single car garage today. New home. Manual door. The door has only one spring. Most of the garages I see are 2 car with 2 springs. Anything wrong here? (I called the installer and they said it was fine.)

040307 034 (Small).jpg

040307 034 (Small).jpg

040307 034 (Small).jpg

040307 034 (Small).jpg

My own garage door, with a torsion spring type tension device, only has one spring. Don’t many smaller torsion devices only have one spring?

Looks correct for the type of door that is installed. If it were a heavy duty, insulated door, a wood door, or maybe a double car door, I would consider a double spring but this is a pretty light door. I would not be concerned.

Standard installation for a typical light weight 9’ x 7’ door.

Marcel:) :slight_smile:

You should be more concern that the door will stay in a stationary position when you release the automatic door opener. I’ve seen too many doors that will close like a guillotine once you pull the release cord.

You should check for functionality, safety, and structural integrity.

Thanks to all. Good point Dwight.

Yes, small doors only require one spring like the one in your pic.