Garage dr without a sticker

What do you feel this overhead garage dr without a sticker should be classified as, see pic on attachment

HVHZ dr without the little label

Garage dr.JPG

Garage dr.JPG

no sticker for proof of compliance. Unless it has the model # and manufacturer information on it, I would check the at least one opening unprotected as you cannot verify it. It definitely is braced but without a manufacturer certification, it could just be an older door retrofitted.

You need proof. Likely not impact tested.

Soooo, we have a double standard. How do you know without the NOA that the shingles, paper, etc are in compliance if you don’t have the docs?

Does this look like a retro fit?

Are we INSPECTORS, or following a poorly designed trend? Call this overhead dr a non compliance opening and get your E & O ins ready.

Chances are that door is not impact tested. I spoke with Broten doors the other day. They said that most testing on garage doors started in 2005. although there are some manufacturer’s that have been testing since 1999. They also said that there is supposed to be a sticker on the door if it is impact rated (I just had this argument / discussion with a client). Basically - no sticker, no discount.

Nick - we are inspectors and can only report on what we see. The insurance companies are the ones that are making it difficult. As we all know, they want to eliminate the discounts, and this is just one way to do it. With no sticker, it is up to the client to prove what it is (unless, of course, you, as the HI want to spend the time to research it). Think about this on the roof issue. There were some out of state companies the were installing non compliant shingles. Most of them probably have a proper NOA but were never checked. Good luck on that one. As far as the roofs go, we do not need to have the docs, just the permit application or date of installation. If there is a permit, the NOA is on file. They are supposed to be compliant (although we all know that they are not). By giving information with back up you have done your job. E & O should never come into play on this if all supporting documents and pictures are provided.

Also remember this, any house built prior to 2003 should almost never get an A rating for hurricane protection. Almost all of the garage doors will not meet the standard. Neither will some of the exterior doors unless they are shuttered.

How many attachment brackets? 5 or more? If Yes
Take a picture of brackets and bracing. Not on picture (No Id Sticker)

I would call it HVHZ “9 lb” compliant. From all the doors I have seen.

Have the home owner look for paperwork. as proof may be needed.

I do not believe we need to turn this into a sticker / no sticker deal.

Looks to me like this is a wind rated door only … No inpact protection.

Nick may have a point or at least a good question that deserves further consideration. If we accept a building permit for proof that a roof meets the shingle requirement then why don’t we do the same for a garage door?

I am making three assumptions here 1-that the inspection was done in the HVHZ because of Nick’s Miami location and 2-that a permit was pulled. 3-that the door was installed after impacted rated garage were required in the HVHZ.

Being that we are in different parts of the state we would initally look at this from different perspectives. Remember, where many of us are only wind rated garage doors may be required and a permit and final would not likely be proof of an impact rating

For wind/mit inspections performed in the HVHZ where impact rated garage doors are required, is having a permit enough proof that it is impact rated since they are required?

If not, how is this differnet from determining roof compliance by permit and install date? Actually as I remember it, in York’s class he seemed to prefer documentation from the shingle manufacturer or a certification from the roofing contractor over the permit info.

As far as E&O goes who have you found that will cover you on wind/mits or 4-points?

isn’t it easier to buy stickers?..LMAO…JUST KIDDING!

It looks rated, but needs rating info to qualify as such.

I like when the put the sticker but do not mark which it is. :wink:

As you know our code changed 9/1/1994 (HVHZ) all doors, windows shutters, roofing material (incliuding tile roofs) soon required MDC product approval NOA in the submittal package and they had to be on site for the inspectors to see. You couldn’t fart without an NOA. In the HVHZ, it was soon to be the standard which is considered the most stringent in the State, everyone got on with compliance. Contractors, manufactuers and bldg deptartments have been on the same page since 1994.

This was a famous reinspection (HVHZ zone) which took the homeowner to a “C” rating on permitted shutters with this overhead dr. The roof was reroofed permitted & approved in 2005 and that was removed. The nail pattern was changed to 6d nails, yet there were doc pics of 8d nails.

The kicker is that the agent was advised they could have a reinspection for a fee…

If sticker/labels are the standard which inspectors are hanging their hats, then I think I’ll hire some clericals with tiny shorts to go take pics of the stickers. Why do I need a licensed professional? Even a child can work a digital camera with a zoom.

I think I buy stock in the stcker/label inustry.

The hassel to establish compliance will be in the homeowners court. This would make a great example for the media reg the reinspection program.

Thank you for your feedback as I am always searching to learn.

I feel your logic Nick. I have seen way to many Reroofs in south florida which were “Nailed” to code… But they missed so many nails that the sheathing wiggles. I have also seen people retrofit doors with solid mahogany(not rated) doors. I have also seen new homes c/o’d without having shutters installed on a few windows. Just last week, I had at least 3 2006 FBC shingle roofs with attachment-A. BTW. Nachi managemnt has a large E/O policy which all members will be covered under.

You also need to check the wheel support and whether or not it is doubled. You will also need at least 6 brackets on the sides.

With that said, it may still be wind rated and not hurricane rated.

dont the stickers say if the sticker is removed the warrenty is void? So if that is the case…

This is some of the problems inherent with this whole program. Vague information and no guidance from OIR. Just had a friend of mine have a reinspection performed by a company that will remain nameless but he had a rated door,the information was on the paperwork/Invoice from the installers but the guy doing the reinspection would not recognize it as there was no sticker on the door. The friend had to get the installer company back out and put a sticker on the door before the insurance company would honor it. As a result of this his status changed from the “highest” level down to the lowest because the garage door opening was determined to be basically not rated. He paid several grand for window / opening system but due to mind numb robots in the inspection and insurance system, bureaucrats who can’t think an inch past their noses or extrapolate information off of paperwork he is having to go back and reconstruct all the paperwork. They have a matrix to follow and if it deviates from that they can’t deal with it.

Things are not always what they seem

Check this out, I think someone checked the wrong box

Code Version2007FL#5675.62Application TypeALLProduct ManufacturerALLCategoryALLSubcategoryALLApplication StatusALLCompliance MethodALLQuality Assurance EntityALLQuality Assurance Entity Contract ExpiredALLProduct Model, Number or NameALLProduct DescriptionALLApproved for use in HVHZALLApproved for use outside HVHZALLImpact ResistantALLDesign PressureALLOtherALL Search Results - Applications[FL#](javascript:__doPostBack(‘grdReport$_ctl1$_ctl0’,’’))[Type](javascript:__doPostBack(‘grdReport$_ctl1$_ctl1’,’’))[Manufacturer](javascript:__doPostBack(‘grdReport$_ctl1$_ctl2’,’’))[Validated By](javascript:__doPostBack(‘grdReport$_ctl1$_ctl3’,’’))[Status](javascript:__doPostBack(‘grdReport$_ctl1$_ctl4’,’’))FL5675-R5
RevisionClopay Building Products Company
FL#: FL5675.62
Model: W5-16-HY DSIE-1A171: 2050, 2051, 2053, 4050, 4051, 4053, 62, 64, 65, 62G, 64G, 65G, DP38, FL38, RP38, 134, 135, 136
Description: Double-skin Insulated EPS (exterior skin 27 ga. min.; interior skin 29 ga. min.) Double-Car (9’2” to 16’0” wide) WINDCODE® W5 Garage Door
Category: Exterior Doors
Subcategory: Sectional Exterior Door Assemblies Gary Pfuehler
(513) 858-1490 Approved FL5675-R6 RevisionClopay Building Products Company
FL#: FL5675.62
Model: W5-16 SPO-2F449: Grand Harbor, Stone Manor
Description: Steel Pan (min. 24 ga.) with Overlay Double-Car (9’2” up to 16’0” wide) WINDCODE® W5 Garage Door
Category: Exterior Doors
Subcategory: Sectional Exterior Door Assemblies Gary Pfuehler
(513) 858-1490 Pending FBC Approval *Approved by DCA. Approvals by DCA shall be reviewed and ratified by the POC and/or the Commission if necessary.

In a hurry, but as per The Community Affairs product approval search
FL5675.62 does comply. Maybe I wrote the number off the pic wrong or maybe labels have mistakes. Could this be? That dr sure looks like it complys…

I gave up when he had a rear shutter attached to the door.