Wind Mitigation reports

Hello fellow inspectors still new to the industry and new to posting…

need help what would you state this garage door as in the mitigation form ?

the garage door had wood on it but home was built in 1990 has 3 skylights with Miami-Dade And all shutters have Miami-Dade also .

The garage door is the one that has me confused on #7 question please help Thanks a mill

What do i put here License Type: (Fl Home Inspector )

License or Certificate #: ( HI5975 and ID # 0609132)

Thank you for all your help…:stuck_out_tongue:

Garage door is likely N or X. I do not know of any rated door that use wood bracing. It rots and could possibly loose its strength over time.

However, what I think is irrelevant. Is there a rating decal on the door? Is there a brand name? If so, look up on the State website or Approval-zoom and determine if it is rated. If it is impact rated its an A. Windload only, D. Neither, X. If you can’t find any info and it may be Impact, N.

In my humble opinion, N or X without additional documentation.

Your HI license # is the one you use. Type : Home Inspector. License #: HIXXXXXX
Check the box for license HI under Qualified Inspectors. Add the certificate from your Wind Mit training to ALL WIND MITS!!!

Good luck & I recommend you find a kind soul to let you do a few ride alongs with.

Thank you Jay,
And yes I would love to find someone that would let me run around to do a few inspection.
Your information was very helpful

The door is not rated.
Be very careful with the “Miami Dade” thing. I have seen many windows and sky lights that had that and were not hurricane rated.
Get the make and mmodel numbers and look them up here: Legal Zoom

License type: HI .
Go to the last page of this: Magnum wm
That is what you should have. If you don’t, send me a jpeg of your license and wm cert and I will do it for you.

If you want someone to ride with you, give me a call and I will next week as I am laid up for a while.

Eric, sorry just had to rib you here… Is this the website where Robert Shapiro (O.J. Simpson fame) comes out and explains the program??? LOL…


Is he doing wind mits now…:shock:

Added with edit: That is approval zoom…

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Thanks for the well wishes…I think… :mrgreen: I agree with you on most things John and consider you an expert on wind mitigation inspections.
I may disagree with you on occasion, but still consider you a valuable asset, not only to myself, but to all in the home inspection industry.

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Shiner…blackened area around eye socket.

Eric, I saw your description of a shiner that said it was a spacer nail. lol That’s a good one.

Some roofers used nickles others, like the one I worked for, used a nail tapped into the truss, another nail 8 feet away in the truss, and one in the middle hanging down in the space between the rafters to make sure the plywood was spaced properly as it states, in big blue ink, on the plywood itself. My job was to pull those nails out.

The so-called shiners of today are code violations. I dare anyone to contact a AHJ and have them dispute it in writing.

The issue I have, and no one caught it in the picture below, was that the method of determining the nailing pattern is flawed.
This roof was renailed , however, if you look at the pictures, some of those nails are not 8D nails. Is this roof nailed 6 inches apart with 8D nails?

Amico (196) (Custom).JPG

Amico (196) (Custom).JPG

Amico (196) (Custom).JPG

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Hello need help on this, I have shutters that I found permits for 1993 and 2001 what should I mark this as ? my guess is either B or N ?

Thank you all in advance, amazing support for use newbies:o

Mark this Garage Door as “X”. This appears to be an aftermarket brace kit. Raynor Garage doors did use 2x4 blocking in thier Miami Dade approved door back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

For the Form: You put your Florida State License number on the form and will need to attach a certificate of course completion (CILB Approved 3 hr OIR B1-1802 training) to the bottom of each form you send in to avoid having them kicked back to the agent for this information.

You are going to have to have the homeowner either produce the documentation or go to CC city hall and get a hard copy of the permit. There should be documentation there. I couldn’t find the company listed anywhere in a short search.
Until then,N or X.

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